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With the evolution of social media and Internet marketing, real-time content has become the need of the hour. Information is being shared at the blink of an eye. We at The Creative Access produce HD quality event videos that reach our partners within hours of the event taking place.

Our team of proficient DOPs & reporters work round the clock capturing top Bollywood, television and fashion events happening in Mumbai and the rushes reach our studios in no time. These rushes are then uploaded in HD format on our secured servers for our partners to download.

Producing customized content for our clients is what we excel at. Our skilled editors package event rushes with catchy background scores and relevant celebrity bytes and these ready-to-broadcast event videos fill up a half an hour slot on channels on a daily basis.

We are your one point source for Bollywood content for Television, offering a wide range of products from Event rushes to edited HD quality event videos. We also produce theme based Entertainment and Lifestyle shows with known faces and/or models.

The Creative Access has worked with leading global Web and Television channels and have produced theme based TV shows for them. Be it covering a star’s fitness regime to them flaunting their abode, sharing about their first ride or their dream car and favourite restaurants, The Creative Access has captured memories shared by our loved celebrities in ways that audiences have enjoyed watching.

The Creative Access steps in from concept to creation, producing TV shows that are innovative aiming to add to the channel’s rising TRPs.

For exclusive Entertainment, Lifestyle and Bollywood Content for Television, write to us at info@TheCreativeAccess.in

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